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Haridwar to Mussoorie taxi

The distance from Haridwar to Mussoorie is about 85KM and the time required to reach Mussoorie from Haridwar is about 3 hours. Mussoorie is a beautiful tourist destination known as "The Queen of Hills". Mussoorie is famous for its incredible natural beauty, climate and views and the best time to visit it is 12 months a year. Mussoorie is the best location for both summers and winters because in summer you can enjoy the cool weather of Mussoorie and take a bath in several waterfalls in Mussoorie and in the winter season you can enjoy the snowfall and cool breeze on the mall road of Mussoorie. Mussoorie receives heavy snowfall from November to January and one of the biggest reasons behind Mussoorie"s popularity is that it is the nearest hill station to Delhi where you can enjoy the snowfall and other activities. Many tourists arrive at Haridwar railway station for visiting Mussoorie and they require a taxi for Haridwar to Mussoorie.

If you are also looking for a taxi for Haridwar to Mussoorie which is affordable and in your pocket budget then you are at the right place because Ganpati Tours(GT CABS) provides cab service for one-way & round-trip with sightseeing at very cheaper rates. You can hire any type of taxi for Haridwar to Mussoorie like Sedan, SUV, Innova, Innova Crysta or Tempo Traveller in just one click. We give full rights to our customers so that customer can organize their trips by themselves, we accept all types of customized trips. To book your Haridwar to Mussoorie cab just contact us on call or WhatsApp.

Mall Road in Mussoorie

Mall Road: It is a charming and bustling promenade nestled in the Himalayan foothills. Lined with shops, cafes, and stunning vistas, it offers a delightful shopping and dining experience amidst picturesque surroundings. Explore this iconic destination for a taste of Mussoorie's scenic beauty and vibrant culture.

Company Garden in Mussoorie

Company Garden: Company Garden in Mussoorie is a picturesque oasis where nature's beauty flourishes. With vibrant flowerbeds, a serene lake, and lush greenery, it's a perfect escape. Explore the well-maintained garden, boating facilities, and leisurely walks for a memorable experience in Mussoorie's natural charm.

Dalai Hills in Mussoorie

Dalai Hills: : Dalai Hills in Mussoorie offers panoramic vistas of the Himalayan landscape. This serene spot, named after the Dalai Lama's visit, is a tranquil haven for nature lovers and photographers. Explore the untouched beauty and peaceful ambiance of Dalai Hills, a hidden gem in Mussoorie's majestic mountains.

Kempty Falls in Mussoorie

Kempty Falls: Kempty Falls in Mussoorie is a natural wonder, known for its cascading beauty and pristine waters. Nestled in the Himalayan foothills, it's a popular tourist attraction offering refreshing dips and breathtaking views. Experience nature's serenity and tranquility at Kempty Falls, a must-visit destination in Mussoorie.

George Everest in Mussoorie

George Everest: George Everest, perched atop Mussoorie, is a historic marvel. Once home to Sir George Everest, the renowned British surveyor, it offers stunning views of the Himalayas. Explore this iconic landmark for a glimpse into India's colonial history and breathtaking vistas that will leave you spellbound.

Bhatta Fall in Mussoorie

Bhatta Fall: Bhatta Fall in Mussoorie is a hidden gem, where nature's beauty flows gracefully. Nestled amidst lush forests, it's a serene escape known for its tranquil ambiance and pristine waters. Dive into the refreshing pool or simply soak in the serene surroundings – Bhatta Fall promises a rejuvenating experience in Mussoorie's lap.

Lal Tibba in Mussoorie

Lal Tibba: ExperienceLal Tibba, the highest point in Mussoorie, offers breathtaking panoramic views of the Himalayas. A popular vantage point, it's a must-visit for nature enthusiasts and photographers. Witness the beauty of sunrise and sunset, and soak in the serene charm of Lal Tibba, a true jewel in Mussoorie's crown.

Shiv Temple in Mussoorie

Shiv Temple: Experience divine tranquility at the Shiv Temple on Mussoorie Road, Mussoorie. Nestled amidst nature, this sacred site offers a peaceful space for worship. Discover serenity and inner peace in the beautiful surroundings of Mussoorie.

Haridwar to Mussoorie taxi

Haridwar to Mussoorie round-trip taxi @ 10% off

Mussoorie is the best tourist spot where you can enjoy multiple sightseeing and tourist spots with your family, friends or loved ones. If you also want to have a great time in Mussoorie then a cab rental can be the best option for you as you can cover all the sightseeing easily and have great fun with your friend hassle-free. GT CABS is giving flat 10% off on your first Haridwar to Mussoorie round-trip ride, Hire any cab and get flat 10% off just contact us on call or WhatsApp.

If you hire a cab for round-trip then the cab will pick you up from the given location in Haridwar and take you to Mussoorie while covering the sightseeing on the way and then our cab will take you to more sightseeing located in Mussoorie and nearby and in the evening drop back to you given location in Haridwar but we also give the customer to customize their trip by themselves like you can hire a cab for multiple days or for different cities for sightseeing. Ganpati Tours provides neat & clean cars with excellent drivers who are aware of all the sightseeing on the way and nearby the location, our drivers are trained on highway roads as well as on hill roads which means your trip from Haridwar to Mussoorie is going to be smooth, memorable and hassle-free.

Haridwar to Mussoorie one-way cab

Haridwar to Mussoorie one-way taxi can be the cheapest mode of travel for you but in this package, any sightseeing is not included, you can hire any type of cab like Sedan, SUV or Innova starting from just ₹2000. We always try to make your ride beautiful and memorable that is why we do not compromise on our service and provide you with the best in class cab service at the very cheapest taxi fare. So, What are you waiting for? Book your Haridwar to Mussoorie cab now.

Mussoorie to Haridwar reverse-trip taxi

We not only provide taxis for Haridwar to Mussoorie but also a cab for Haridwar to Mussoorie at the same discounted and cheapest taxi fare. For more information, you can visit Mussoorie to Haridwar taxi.

Taxi for multiple-day tour in Mussoorie

If you really want to enjoy your trip to Mussoorie so it"s better to stay in Mussoorie for a few days because there is much more in Mussoorie than you think. Like you can make a plan for Mussoorie, Dhanaulti, Dehradun, Rishikesh, Haridwar or Tehri these all are the nearest place to visit where you can visit throughout your trip. If you want to make a multiple days plan in Mussoorie, Rishikesh, Haridwar or Dhanaulti then please contact us our team will help you to plan your trip.

FAQ about cab service in Mussoorie
Is it good to hire a taxi for round-trip?

Yes, because you can also cover sightseeing and other places near Mussoorie.

How much time it takes to reach Mussoorie by taxi?

It takes nearly about 2 hours & 30 minutes.

Is any advance amount required to book a taxi

No, an advance amount is required for Haridwar to Mussoorie one-way taxi

are there any extra charges for sightseeing?

No, there are no extra charges for sightseeing if you hire a cab round-trip.

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